Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the wick not lighting?

Sometimes wooden wicks are a bit tricky to get a flame going. Make sure to tilt the jar when giving the candle your first light and let the flam gradually move across the wick.

If relighting your candle, make sure to remove any excess char from the wick by using tissue or even your fingers (only when completely cooled). This allows for the flame to hold on the wood better and allow more wax to be pulled up through the wick.

Is my jar food safe?

Yes of course! Once cleaned your jar can be used for anything. Whether it’d be for storing food, travel essentials or organizing your bathroom, these jars are great for anything you need!

Do you offer custom candles?

Yes! Please reach out to us at and we can definitely discuss further.

Can I return or exchange my Green Candle?

If you aren’t happy with your purchase, please reach out to us at and we’ll help get the process started. If you're experiencing an issues, please include photos and a detailed description in your email so that we can determine how to best lend a helping hand.

As a growing small business, we aren’t currently able to cover return shipping costs, but are always happy to ship exchanges at no extra charge. Exchanges or returns must be made within 7 days of delivery and require proof of purchase (e.g. your order number, order confirmation email).

Do you offer wholesale or bulk discounts?

For more details please contact us at to discuss further.